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Position Title:  Head, Business Development Section


Job Summary:

The jobholder will be tasked with leading Business Development program initiatives that are targeted to spur business growth as well as increase the revenue generating potential of MCC. This may come in the form of new product initiatives, cost reduction programs, process streamlining and activities promoting improved customer service. The person responsible is expected to work with the cross functional teams to properly launch and execute business plans and products in a timely and seamless manner.  

Role Exposure:

  • Be part of the digital transformation journey of the bank.
  • Oversee the job performance of Business Development Manager and ensure his/her adherence the delivery of Key Results Area 


  • Bachelor’s degree from a college / university. Some units in MBA or masteral degree program an advantage
  • With at least 5 years working in a credit card industry or related industry
  • With 3 years minimum experience in Project Management


Other Details:

Rank: Junior Officer

Unit: Information Technology Group / Business Technology Division

Office Location: Metrobank Card Center, Makati