Head, Commercial Credit - Countryside

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Position Title: Head, Commercial Credit - Countryside


Job Summary:  

The role supervises the controls of the Credit Evaluation and Approval Division (CREAD). Ensures that the unit complies with all the requirements and policies of the bank. Reports are submitted within the prescribed TAT. 


Role Exposure:

  • Broaden your competencies in Analytical Orientation, Appraisal, Detail Orientation, Financial Resource Management, Internal Control, Policy Formulation, Records and Information Management, Research Orientation, and Risk Assessment
  • Level up your leadership, teamwork, and collaboration skills as you lead the Credit Evaluation and Approval Division



  • With at least 8 years of experience in credit analysis, evaluation, industry benchmarking and research, and risk management
  • Must have in-depth experience in financial resource management, policy formulation, and records and information management
  • Must have experience in managing a team


Other Details:

Rank: Junior Officer

Unit: Credit Group  

Location: Metrobank Plaza, Makati City