Head, Portfolio Strategies

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Position Title: Head of Cards Portfolio Strategies


Job Summary:

  • The jobholder is expected to exhibit leadership by spearheading the development of Portfolio Management initiatives and managing CBS’s Cards portfolio revenue/quality by focusing on such KPIs as Activation, First Usage, Authorization Approval Rate, Active Rate, Utilization Rate, Revolve Rate, Utilization, CL Assignments, NPAT/ANR.
  • The jobholder will manage Line Management Programs under Portfolio Management, to ensure the cardholders have the right product type, credit limit and features based on their spend and payment patterns and behavior.
  • S/he will be developing/managing programs, developing offers/features, enhancing systems/processes to achieve targets directly related to Billings, Attrition and Activation and overall profitability.  S/he should be up to date with competitor trends and practices and effectively respond with counter measures to maintain competitive advantage vs. other issuers.


Qualifications : 

  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree from a college/university and preferably a graduate of a business course. Has at least 5 years solid experience in developing and launching marketing programs. Preferably with experience in implementing usage programs.
  • Has broad understanding of the different areas of the credit card business and the capacity to relate unit’s operations and performance metrics to the overall business of the company
  • Has strong working knowledge of MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Adept at preparing communication, research and creative briefs and has experience in creating MIS reports for marketing programs.

Other Details:


Rank: Senior Officer  

Unit: Consumer Business Sector/ Digital Lending and Strategies/Usage and Portfolio Management

Location: Metrobankcard Center, Makati 

Shift: Dayshift