AML Specialist


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Position Title: AML Specialist


Job Summary:


  • Reviewing and monitoring of alerts generated by the AML System
  • Identifying and tagging of alerts as false positive
  • Evaluating and analyzing incidents, transactions or reports from various sources including results of review and investigation
  • Coordinating with branches/units to ensure proper disposition of possible suspicious transactions


Role Exposure:


  • Reviews alerts generated by the AML System; determines which are for case management and tag as false positive those identified as such
  • Sends Alert Justification Forms (AJFs) to branches/units and monitors timely accomplishment thereof
  • Checks whether AJFs received from branches/units are properly accomplished and duly approved by the Area Head; conducts follow-up and/or inquiries, as necessary
  • Based on accomplished AJFs, endorses to AMDD Head the recommended disposition of the alert
  • Identifies alerts for investigation by BOCD-BIADD
  • Gathers negative media reports (NMR) involving AMLA predicate crimes; conducts account search for subjects of NMR; coordinates with branch/unit concerned for confirmation and conduct of enhanced due diligence (EDD); evaluates/analyzes results of EDD; maintains NMR database
  • Coordinates with branches/units concerned in undertaking EDD for client/s subject of Requests/Inquiries from institutions such as regulatory/law enforcement agencies, correspondent banks and/or foreign branches/ subsidiaries; evaluates/analyzes results of EDD
  • Evaluates reports received from various units of the Bank to determine whether incidents or transactions warrant filing of Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) or further investigation; coordinates with branches/units concerned in conducting EDD, as necessary; evaluates/analyzes results of EDD and/or final results of investigation     
  • Assists the branches/units in accomplishing STR; endorses STR to AMDD Head for further review
  • Performs other related functions that may be assigned from time to time




  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Experience in compliance particularly in review of Alerts and Transactions
  • Experienced in case management and investigation
  • Strong analytical, organizational, and decision-making skills
  • Strong verbal / written communications
  • Must be able to interface and coordinate work efficiently and effectively with business partners

Other Details:

Rank: Junior Officer

Unit: Financial and Control Sector / Anti-Money Laundering Division / Alert Management and Disposition Department

Location: Metrobank Center, BGC, Taguig City