Database Administrator

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Position Title: Database Administrator


Job Summary:


  • Database administrator responsible for creating, managing, designing, implementing and maintaining a database.
  • Evaluates, installs, and administers major, complex, and enterprise-level infrastructure components and facilities. 
  • Provides technical support services to personnel in data center operations, applications management and service desk. 
  • Plans, prepares, recommends and implements medium-term road maps for the enterprise-level infrastructure that he manages.


Role Exposure:


  • Enhance your analytical skills by monitoring the database performance and evaluating complex information coming from a variety of sources
  • Improve your communication skills by working closely with business analysts and developers to design the various application’s functions and modules
  • Develop your troubleshooting skills by identifying error, quickly determining potential causes and constructing possible solutions




  • Bachelor's Degree
  • With at least 3 years experience in database administration of different types of RDMS (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis and other open source RDBMS
  • Knowledged on BIG DATA concepts (Hadoop, Cloudera, etc..)
  • Experience in cloud infrastructure is a plus


Other Details:

Rank: Junior Officer

Unit: Core Banking Project/Infrastructure Team/Database Administration

Office Location: Metropark, Pasay