The job holder manages Inbound specialists to ensure that all collection activities are conducted in accordance with performance and productivity standards and within guidelines. He/she participates in team planning for appropriate strategies to drive and sustain improvement and to achieve collection goals.

Monitors team performance

•           Monitor productivity of the unit and provide regular feedback

•           Coach and motivate team members to achieve set targets/standards and recommend strategies to improve performance

•           Assist Unit Head in identifying training needs

•           Review specialist’s accounts to ensure that all accounts are worked on and productivity standards are attained

•           Monitor and provide feedback on telephone conversations of agents handled

•           Review computation of payment arrangements to ensure conformity to approved guidelines

•           Review payment proposals endorsed by collection agents that are beyond existing guidelines and recommend approval/disapproval of request

•           Liaise with other departments, branches, or units regarding collection concerns including, but not limited to, hold-out application and constant communication with the branch thru telephone conversations and/or email


Minimizes risk and credit losses

•           Assist unit head in reporting possible fraud accounts to concerned units

•           Review maintenances and related actions


Addresses various customer issues

•           Assist Unit Head in validating customer complaints and provide counseling

•           Ensure clients concerns are properly and promptly addressed

•           Review requests for waiver of charges and refund of overpayments endorsed by agents and recommend approval/disapproval of request

•           Process and recommends approval/disapproval of requests for reactivation of accounts


Inbound Service Level Management

•           Monitors Inbound Service Level and other Inbound productivity indicators.

•           Conducts periodic Inbound call volume analysis to ensure that Inbound specialist capacity is sufficient.

•           Ensures that inquiries, requests and complaints received by Inbound Specialists are acted upon immediately within turn-around time.

•           Assists Inbound specialists in attending to requests, inquiries and complaints of irate clients received either thru phone or walk-in.

•           Approves/disapproves requests for block lifting.


Recommend ways to further improve existing collections strategies, policies and procedures and ensure the team’s compliance to office policies as well as provisions promulgated by other regulatory bodies


Perform projects / responsibilities that may be assigned from time to time (eg. BORC, BCP, Cost Champion, Corp. Correspondents, Line trainer, e-Champ)