Head, Portfolio Market Risk Department

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Position Title: Head, Market & Liquidity Risk Quantitative Department 


Role Exposure: 

  • Helps coordinate with other divisions of the Group as well as other units of the Bank to identify needed price & liquidity risk model & risk-return analyses
  • Designs, structures, constructs, reviews, adjusts, &/or implements quantitative & qualitative models, frameworks, analyses, & information generation processes that warn of & gauge price & liquidity risks 
  • Analyses Bank data to discern salient market & client behavioural patterns in support of the Group’s tasks related to price & liquidity risk-return 


Job Summary: 

  • The Head, Market & Liquidity Risk Quantitative Department will handle derivation, evaluation, review, adjustment, &/or implementation of appropriate quantitative & qualitative tools, frameworks, information generation processes, & analyses of price & liquidity risks; The role will also provide objective evaluation of the quantitative & qualitative models, frameworks, information generation processes, analyses, & outlooks from the other departments of the Division, as a matter of internal Division quality review or validation



  • Preferably with at least 5 years supervisory role experience in Market & Liquidity Risk 


Other Details: 

  • Rank: Junior Offficer
  • Unit: Risk Management Group
  • Location: Metrobank Center, BGC