Industrial Relations Assistant

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Position Title: Industrial Relations Assistant


Job Summary: 

  • Maintains industrial relations databases covering but not limited to employee discipline cases (e.g., ECMS). 
  • Prepares and releases employee case clearances and the ERD Watchlist
  • Prepares show-cause letters and decisions on disciplinary action for behavioral case types which includes, among others: excessive tardiness, past due obligation, unauthorized absences
  • Prepares implementing memos on sanctions as prescribed by BOCD-BREAD
  • Monitors the status of various cases involving employee’s discipline, including but not limited to post-case administrative actions
  • Assists in CBA-related activities, such as but not related to securing  CBA agreements of other banks (from time to time)


Role Exposure:

  • Be able to take part in Discipline Management and Employee Relations which is a good background for a more senior role in HR ex HRBP
  • Build on your expertise in database and reports management specifically in HR area which is a good background for HR analytics roles
  • Be part of a dynamic team that values your skills acquisition such that you will have the opportunity move across the organization depending on your career aspiration or as deemed fit



  • With good writing skills and has the experience in writing at school publication or alike is a plus 
  • Experience in doing industrial relations, HR reports/ analytics are a plus


Other Details: 

Rank: Rank and File

Unit: Human Resources Management Group 

Office Location: Metrobank Center, BGC