Solutions Architect

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Position Title: Solutions Architect


Job Summary:

  • Evaluate enterprise wide IT solutions and tools, maintenance of IT enterprise standards, and managing common platform 
  • Initiates and fosters effective liaisons with other ITG divisions, segment business executives and concerned IT committees
  • Guides and work closely with the respective foreign branch IT teams to assist with their purchases and IT implementation


Role Exposure:

  • Help address and solve business, information, and technology related opportunities, and problems
  • Exposure in analyzing and assessing organizational requirements, making recommendations regarding technology, and designing systems that tie together applications and information sources to achieve business objectives



  • Excellent technical abilities in enterprise architect systems
  • Extensive knowledge of IT infrastructures
  • Strong analytical skills in order to examine business systems, determine trends, and develop ways to streamline processes
  • Extensive project management abilities to effectively serve as an bank's information technology leader and oversee personnel
  • Strong interpersonal skills are needed to collaborate with colleagues or interact with stakeholders


Other Details:

  • Rank: Junior Officer
  • Unit: Information Technology Group / Capability & Delivery Division
  • Office Location: Metrobank Center, BGC